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Dedicated to Promoting Black Mental Health

Here at, we appreciate the strengths of the Black community while acknowledging its unique challenges, both in a broader social sense, and specifically in matters of mental health.

Untreated or undertreated mental illness can be limiting, disabling and even life threatening. Furthermore, the current economic, legal, and educational environments leave little room for error: without mental health, progress is fragile, and hurdles can become impassable obstacles.

This website was created with the premise that the Black community’s traditional reluctance to discuss mental health and illness comes with much too high a cost (especially in such a climate as this). Here you will find informative articles and videos about mental illness and treatment as well as educational content about strategies for mental illness prevention, mental health promotion and positive coping. There are also opportunities to have virtual discussions about mental health topics through our forum.

Our goal is that this website’s visitors, armed with information and bolstered by the testimonies of others, will feel empowered to act as agents of change in their own lives, in the lives of their loved ones, and in their communities.